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WOK 论文 80篇;中文核心 4篇;其它论文 37篇;图书及章节 1本;

  • Langevin approach with rescaled noise for stochastic channel dynamics in Hodgkin-Huxley neurons

    CHINESE PHYSICS B,1674-1056 ,2015-12.
    Huang Yan-Dong; Li Xiang; Shuai Jian-Wei
    WOS:000366977800011   10.1088/1674-1056/24/12/120501
    Included in : SCIE
  • Accurate Langevin approaches to simulate Markovian channel dynamics

    PHYSICAL BIOLOGY,1478-3967 ,2015-12.
    Huang, Yandong; Ruediger, Sten; Shuai, Jianwei
    WOS:000368186300002   10.1088/1478-3975/12/6/061001
    Included in : SCIE、CPCI-S
  • Deletion of the tyrosine phosphatase Shp2 in Sertoli cells causes infertility in mice

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS,2045-2322 ,2015-08-12.
    Hu, Xiaopeng; Tang, Zhenzhou; Li, Yang; Liu, Wensheng; Zhang, Shuang; Wang, Bingyan; Tian, Yingpu; Zhao, Yinan; Ran, Hao; Liu, Wenjie; Feng, Gen-Sheng; Shuai, Jianwei; Wang, Haibin; Lu, Zhongxian
    WOS:000359374000001   10.1038/srep12982
    Included in : SCIE
  • Conformational Dynamics of Response Regulator RegX3 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    PLOS ONE,1932-6203 ,2015-07-22.
    Ahmad, Ashfaq; Cai, Yongfei; Chen, Xingqiang; Shuai, Jianwei; Han, Aidong
    WOS:000358597100063   10.1371/journal.pone.0133389
    Included in : SCIE
  • Resonance induced by a spatially periodic force in the reaction-diffusion system

    Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics,1539-3755 ,2015-05-06.
    Yao, Chenggui(1,2); He, Zhiwei(1,3); Luo, Jinming(4); Shuai, Jianwei(2)
    WOS:000353968200001   EI:20152000851986   10.1103/PhysRevE.91.052901
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Effects of extracellular potassium diffusion on electrically coupled neuron networks

    Physical Review E - Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics,1539-3755 ,2015-02-23.
    Wu, Xing-Xing(1); Shuai, Jianwei(2)
    WOS:000352064400007   EI:20151000592441   10.1103/PhysRevE.91.022712
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Enhanced multiple vibrational resonances by Na+ and K+ dynamics in a neuron model

    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS,2045-2322 ,2015-01-08.
    Wu, Xing-Xing; Yao, Chenggui; Shuai, Jianwei
    WOS:000347804300017   10.1038/srep07684
    Included in : SCIE