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WOK 论文 81 篇;中文核心 4 篇;其它论文 37 篇;图书及章节 1 本;

  • Modeling three-dimensional invasive solid tumor growth in heterogeneous microenvironment under chemotherapy

    PLOS ONE,1932-6203 ,2018-10-26.
    Xie, H; Jiao, Y; Fan, QH; Hai, MM; Yang, J; Hu, ZJ; Yang, Y; Shuai, JW; Chen, G; Liu, RC; Liu, LY
    WOS:000448448700039   10.1371/journal.pone.0206292
    Included in : SCIE
  • MiR-31 Mediates Inflammatory Signaling to Promote Re-Epithelialization during Skin Wound Healing

    Shi, JY; Ma, XH; Su, Y; Song, YL; Tian, YH; Yuan, SK; Zhang, XQ; Yang, D; Zhang, H; Shuai, JW; Cui, W; Ren, FZ; Plikus, MV; Chen, YX; Luo, J; Yu, ZQ
    WOS:000445104700024   10.1016/j.jid.2018.03.1521
    Included in : SCIE
  • Spiking patterns of a neuron model to stimulus: Rich dynamics and oxygen's role

    CHAOS,1054-1500 ,2018-08.
    Yao, CG; He, ZW; Nakano, T; Shuai, JW
    WOS:000443760700059   10.1063/1.5018707
    Included in : SCIE
  • Optimal pathways for the assembly of the Apaf-1.cytochrome c complex into apoptosome

    Qi, Hong; Jiang, Yu; Yin, Zhiyong; Jiang, Ke; Li, Linxi; Shuai, Jianwei
    WOS:000423019600064   10.1039/c7cp06726g
    Included in : SCIE
  • Wave failure at strong coupling in intracellular C a2+ signaling system with clustered channels

    Physical Review E,2470-0045 ,2018-01-17.
    Li, Xiang(1,2); Wu, Yuning(1); Gao, Xuejuan(1); Cai, Meichun(1); Shuai, Jianwei(1,2,3)
    WOS:000423130000006   EI:20180404670128   10.1103/PhysRevE.97.012406
    Included in : SCIE、EI