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WOK 论文 49篇;中文核心 5篇;其它论文 17篇;专利发明 2个;

  • 脑特异性高表达蛋白TMEM59L诱导细胞凋亡的机制

    厦门大学学报(自然科学版),0438-0479 ,2011.
    CSCD核心 理工二类核心
  • SNX12调控BACE1的细胞内定位和Aβ的产生

    厦门大学学报(自然科学版),0438-0479 ,2011.
    CSCD核心 理工二类核心
  • FAM105A通过caspase依赖性途径和Bcl-2家族诱导细胞凋亡

    厦门大学学报(自然科学版),0438-0479 ,2011.
    CSCD核心 理工二类核心
  • β-淀粉样蛋白前体蛋白胞内结构域(AICD)研究进展

    生命科学,1004-0374 ,2008-04-15.
  • β-分泌酶与二价阳离子耐受蛋白CUTA存在相互作用

    细胞生物学杂志,0253-9977 ,2008-02-15.
  • p53-dependent control of transactivation of the Pen2 promoter by presenilins

    Journal of Cell Science,0021-9533 ,2009.
    Dunys, J.; Sevalle, J.; Giaime, E.; Pardossi-Piquard, R.; Vitek, M. P.; Renbaum, P.; Levy-Lahad, E.; Zhang, Y. W.; Xu, H. X.; Checler, F.; da Costa, C. A.
  • Alzheimer's presenilin 1 modulates sorting of APP and its carboxyl-terminal fragments in cerebral neurons in vivo (vol 102, pg 619, 2007)

    Journal of Neurochemistry,0022-3042 ,2007-11.
    Gandy, S.; Zhang, Y. W.; Ikin, A.; Schmidt, S. D.; Bogush, A.; Levy, E.; Sheffield, R.; Nixon, R. A.; Liao, F. F.; Mathews, P. M.; Xu, H. X.; Ehrlich, M. E.
  • Calnuc binds to Alzheimer's beta-amyloid precursor protein and affects its biogenesis

    Journal of Neurochemistry,0022-3042 ,2007-03.
    Lin, P.; Li, F.; Zhang, Y. W.; Huang, H. N.; Tong, G.; Farquhar, M. G.; Xu, H. X.
  • A mouse model for nonsense mutation bypass therapy shows a dramatic multiday response to geneticin.

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,0027-8424 ,2007.
    Yang, C.; Feng, J.; Song, W.; Wang, J.; Tsai, B.; Zhang, Y.; Scaringe, W. A.; Hill, K. A.; Margaritis, P.; High, K. A.; Sommer, S. S.
  • Tumor-suppressor PTEN affects tau phosphorylation, aggregation, and binding to microtubules.

    FASEB J,1530-6860 ,2006.
    Zhang, X.; Li, F.; Bulloj, A.; Zhang, Y. W.; Tong, G.; Zhang, Z.; Liao, F. F.; Xu, H.
  • Tumor suppressor PTEN affects tau phosphorylation: deficiency in the phosphatase activity of PTEN increases aggregation of an FTDP-17 mutant Tau

    Molecular Neurodegeneration,1750-1326 ,2006.
    Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y. W.; Liu, S. J.; Bulloj, A.; Tong, G. G.; Zhang, Z. H.; Liao, F. F.; Xu, H. X.
  • Pathological and physiological functions of presenilins

    Molecular Neurodegeneration,1750-1326 ,2006.
    Vetrivel, K. S.; Zhang, Y. W.; Xu, H. X.; Thinakaran, G.
  • Suppression of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 activation by amyloid precursor protein: a novel excitoprotective mechanism involving modulation of tau phosphorylation.

    J Neurosci,1529-2401 ,2005.
    Han, P.; Dou, F.; Li, F.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y. W.; Zheng, H.; Lipton, S. A.; Xu, H.; Liao, F. F.
  • Nicastrin is critical for stability and trafficking but not association of other presenilin/gamma-secretase components.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry,0021-9258 ,2005.
    Zhang, Y. W.; Luo, W. J.; Wang, H.; Lin, P.; Vetrivel, K. S.; Liao, F.; Li, F.; Wong, P. C.; Farquhar, M. G.; Thinakaran, G.; Xu, H.
  • Evolution of the tandem repeats in thymidylate synthase enhancer region (TSER) in primates.

    Gene,0378-1119 ,2004.
    Zhang, Y. W.; Luo, H. R.; Ryder, O. A.; Zhang, Y. P.
  • Presenilins and gamma-secretase inhibitors affect intracellular trafficking and cell surface localization of the gamma-secretase complex components.

    Journal of Biological Chemistry,0021-9258 ,2004.
    Wang, H.; Luo, W. J.; Zhang, Y. W.; Li, Y. M.; Thinakaran, G.; Greengard, P.; Xu, H.
  • Neutrality tests using DNA polymorphism from multiple samples.

    Genetics,0016-6731 ,2003.
    Li, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y. P.; Fu, Y. X.
  • Intra- and interspecific variation of the CCR5 gene in higher primates.

    Molecular Biology and Evolution,0737-4038 ,2003.
    Zhang, Y. W.; Ryder, O. A.; Zhang, Y. P.
  • Genetic divergence of orangutan subspecies (Pongo pygmaeus)

    Journal of Molecular Evolution,0022-2844 ,2001.
    Zhang, Y. W.; Ryder, O. A.; Zhang, Y. P.
  • Trisomy 17 in a bonobo (Pan paniscus)and deletion of 3q in a lowland gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla): comparison with human trisomy 18 and human deletion 4q syndrome

    Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics,0301-0171 ,2001.
    Lear, T. L.; Houck, M. L.; Zhang, Y. W.; Debnar, L. A.; Sutherland-Smith, M. R.; Young, L.; Jones, K. L.; Benirschke, K.
  • Identification of monozygotic twin chimpanzees by microsatellite analysis

    American Journal of Primatology,0275-2565 ,2000.
    Zhang, Y. W.; Lawrance, S. K.; Ryder, O. A.; Zhang, Y. P.; Isaza, R.
  • Sequence evolution of the CCR5 chemokine receptor gene in primates

    Molecular Biology and Evolution,0737-4038 ,1999.
    Zhang, Y. W.; Ryder, O. A.; Zhang, Y. P.