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molecular recognition and sensor;Signal amplification method;Microfluidic biological analysis

  • Design and synthesis of ortho-phthalaldehyde phosphoramidite for single-step, rapid, efficient and chemoselective coupling of DNA with proteins under physiological conditions

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2018-09-04.
    Ma, YL; Lv, ZH; Li, TY; Tian, T; Lu, LY; Liu, WL; Zhu, Z; Yang, CY
    WOS:000442385200012   10.1039/c8cc05037f
    Included in : SCIE
  • Integrated paper-based microfluidic devices for point-of-care testing

    Analytical Methods,1759-9660 ,2018-08-07.
    Tian, Tian (1); Bi, Yunpeng (1); Xu, Xing (1); Zhu, Zhi (1); Yang, Chaoyong (1, 2)
    WOS:000444497800001   EI:20183105642033   10.1039/c8ay00864g
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • DNA aptamers from whole-cell SELEX as new diagnostic agents against glioblastoma multiforme cells

    ANALYST,0003-2654 ,2018-05-21.
    Wu, QY; Wang, YZ; Wang, HY; Wu, L; Zhang, HM; Song, YL; Zhu, Z; Kang, DZ; Yang, CY
    WOS:000432265800009   10.1039/c8an00271a
    Included in : SCIE
  • In Situ Pt Staining Method for Simple, Stable, and Sensitive Pressure-Based Bioassays

    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,1944-8244 ,2018-04-25.
    Li, Jiuxing(1); Liu, Fang(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Liu, Dan(1); Chen, Xiaofeng(1); Song, Yanling(1); Zhou, Leiji(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1,2)
    WOS:000431150900016   EI:20181805112222   10.1021/acsami.8b03567
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Highly Sensitive and Automated Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering-based Immunoassay for H5N1 Detection with Digital Microfluidics

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2018-04-17.
    Wang, Yang(1); Ruan, Qingyu(1); Lei, Zhi-Chao(1); Lin, Shui-Chao(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Zhou, Leiji(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1,2)
    WOS:000430512200041   EI:20181705039588   10.1021/acs.analchem.8b00002
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Target-responsive DNA hydrogel for nonenzymatic and visual detection of glucose

    ANALYST,0003-2654 ,2018-04-07.
    Ma, Yanli; Mao, Yu; An, Yuan; Tian, Tian; Zhang, Huimin; Yan, Jinmao; Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000429025200019   10.1039/c8an00010g
    Included in : SCIE
  • Facile fabrication of microfluidic surface-enhanced Raman scattering devices via lift-up lithography

    ROYAL SOCIETY OPEN SCIENCE,2054-5703 ,2018-04.
    Wu, Yuanzi; Jiang, Ye; Zheng, Xiaoshan; Jia, Shasha; Zhu, Zhi; Ren, Bin; Ma, Hongwei
    WOS:000431110100039   10.1098/rsos.172034
    Included in : SCIE
  • Lateral flow assay with pressure meter readout for rapid point-of-care detection of disease-associated protein

    LAB ON A CHIP,1473-0197 ,2018-03-21.
    Lin, Bingqian; Guan, Zhichao; Song, Yanling; Song, Eunyeong; Lu, Zifei; Liu, Dan; An, Yuan; Zhu, Zhi; Zhou, Leiji; Yang, Chaoyong
    WOS:000428090800012   10.1039/c8lc00010g
    Included in : SCIE
  • Gas-generating reactions for point-of-care testing

    ANALYST,0003-2654 ,2018-03-21.
    Liu, Dan; Tian, Tian; Chen, Xiaofeng; Lei, Zhichao; Song, Yanling; Shi, Yuanzhi; Ji, Tianhai; Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Liu; Yang, Chaoyong
    WOS:000428030100001   10.1039/c8an00011e
    Included in : SCIE
  • Microwell Array Method for Rapid Generation of Uniform Agarose Droplets and Beads for Single Molecule Analysis

    ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,0003-2700 ,2018-02-20.
    Li, Xingrui; Zhang, Dongfeng; Zhang, Huimin; Guan, Zhichao; Song, Yanling; Liu, Rouchen; Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Chaoyong
    WOS:000426143100027   10.1021/acs.analchem.7b04040
    Included in : SCIE
  • Detection of T4 Polynucleotide Kinase via Allosteric Aptamer Probe Platform

    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,1944-8244 ,2017-11-08.
    Gao, Mingxuan(1); Guo, Jingjing(1); Song, Yanling(1,2); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    EI:20174604400462   10.1021/acsami.7b14185
    Included in : EI
  • Centrifugal micropipette-tip with pressure signal readout for portable quantitative detection of myoglobin

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2017-11-07.
    Song, Yanling; An, Yuan; Liu, Weizhi; Hou, Wanfu; Li, Xingrui; Lin, Bingqian; Zhu, Zhi; Ge, Shengxiang; Yang, Huang-hao; Yang, Chaoyong
    WOS:000413866900009   10.1039/c7cc07231g
    Included in : SCIE
  • Selection and identification of transferrin receptor-specific peptides as recognition probes for cancer cells

    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry,1618-2642 ,2017-10-18.
    Tan, Yuyu(1); Liu, Wenli(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Lang, Lijun(1); Wang, Junxia(1); Huang, Mengjiao(1); Zhang, Mingxia(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000422952600037   EI:20174304289844   10.1007/s00216-017-0664-4
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • A fully integrated distance readout ELISA-Chip for point-of-care testing with sample-in-answer-out capability

    Biosensors and Bioelectronics,0956-5663 ,2017-10-15.
    Liu, Dan(1,3); Li, Xingrui(1); Zhou, Junkai(2); Liu, Shibo(1); Tian, Tian(1); Song, Yanling(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Zhou, Leiji(1); Ji, Tianhai(3); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000403419700046   EI:20172003678790   10.1016/j.bios.2017.04.044
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Integrated Distance-Based Origami Paper Analytical Device for One-Step Visualized Analysis

    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,1944-8244 ,2017-09-13.
    Tian, Tian(1); An, Yuan(1); Wu, Yiping(1); Song, Yanling(1,2); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000411043600026   EI:20173804179499   10.1021/acsami.7b09717
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Isolation, Detection, and Antigen-Based Profiling of Circulating Tumor Cells Using a Size-Dictated Immunocapture Chip

    Ahmed, Metages Gashaw; Abate, Mahlet Fasil; Song, Yanling; Zhu, Zhi; Yan, Feng; Xu, Yao; Wang, Xiaomin; Li, Qingbiao; Yang, Chaoyong
    WOS:000408267000007   EI:20173103999708   10.1002/anie.201702675
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Integrating Target-Responsive Hydrogel with Pressuremeter Readout Enables Simple, Sensitive, User-Friendly, Quantitative Point-of-Care Testing

    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,1944-8244 ,2017-07-12.
    Liu, Dan(1); Jia, Shasha(1); Zhang, Huimin(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Guan, Zhichao(1); Li, Jiuxing(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Ji, Tianhai(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    WOS:000405764700018   EI:20172903958357   10.1021/acsami.7b05531
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • A portable visual detection method based on a target-responsive DNA hydrogel and color change of gold nanorods

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2017-06-14.
    Mao, Yu; Li, Jiuxing; Yan, Jinmao; Ma, Yanli; Song, Yanling; Tian, Tian; Liu, Xuan; Zhu, Zhi; Zhou, Leiji; Yang, Chaoyong
    WOS:000402879900020   10.1039/c7cc01360d
    Included in : SCIE
  • Hydrogel Droplet Microfluidics for High-Throughput Single Molecule/Cell Analysis

    ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH,0001-4842 ,2017-01.
    Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000392457800004   10.1021/acs.accounts.6b00370
    Included in : SCIE
  • Enrichment and single-cell analysis of circulating tumor cells

    Chemical Science,2041-6520 ,2017.
    Song, Yanling(1,3); Tian, Tian(1); Shi, Yuanzhi(1); Liu, Wenli(1); Zou, Yuan(1); Khajvand, Tahereh(1); Wang, Sili(2); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000395906900004   EI:20171003408610   10.1039/c6sc04671a
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Design and synthesis of target-responsive hydrogel for portable visual quantitative detection of uranium with a microfluidic distance-based readout device

    Biosensors and Bioelectronics,0956-5663 ,2016-11-15.
    Huang, Yishun(1); Fang, Luting(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Zhou, Leiji(1); Chen, Xi(2); Xu, Dunming(2); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000382410100066   EI:20163402728375   10.1016/j.bios.2016.05.008
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Target-responsive DNAzyme hydrogel for portable colorimetric detection of lanthanide(III) ions

    Science China Chemistry,1674-7291 ,2016-10-27.
    Huang, Yishun(1); Wu, Xuemeng(1); Tian, Tian(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Lin, Hui(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000394038300017   EI:20164502974275   10.1007/s11426-016-0242-2
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Afi-chip: An equipment-free, low-cost, and universal binding ligand affinity evaluation platform

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2016-08-16.
    Song, Yanling(1); Shi, Yuanzhi(1); Li, Xingrui(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Gao, Mingxuan(1); Liu, Dan(1); Mao, Yu(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Lin, Hui(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000381654800057   EI:20163402735422   10.1021/acs.analchem.6b02140
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Active Plasmonic Nanoparticles with Ultrasmall Interior Nanogap for Multiplex Quantitative Detection and Cancer Cell Imaging

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2016-08-02.
    Li, Jiuxing(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Zhu, Bingqing(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Lin, Bingqian(1); Liu, Rudi(1); Song, Yanling(1); Lin, Hui(1); Tu, Song(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000380967800056   EI:20163202684972   10.1021/acs.analchem.6b01867
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Evolution of DNA aptamers for malignant brain tumor gliosarcoma cell recognition and clinical tissue imaging

    BIOSENSORS & BIOELECTRONICS,0956-5663 ,2016-06-15.
    Wu, Qiaoyi; Wu, Liang; Wang, Yuzhe; Zhu, Zhi; Song, Yanling; Tan, Yuyu; Wang, Xing-Fu; Li, Jiuxing; Kang, Dezhi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000372558500001   10.1016/j.bios.2016.01.031
    Included in : SCIE
  • Enzyme-Encapsulated Liposome-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Enabling Sensitive Personal Glucose Meter Readout for Portable Detection of Disease Biomarkers

    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,1944-8244 ,2016-03-30.
    Lin, Bingqian(1); Liu, Dan(1); Yan, Jinmao(1); Qiao, Zhi(1); Zhong, Yunxin(1); Yan, Jiawei(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Ji, Tianhai(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    WOS:000372946600014   EI:20161402204472   10.1021/acsami.6b00777
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Integration of target responsive hydrogel with cascaded enzymatic reactions and microfluidic paper-based analytic devices (μPADs) for point-of-care testing (POCT)

    Biosensors and Bioelectronics,0956-5663 ,2016-03-15.
    Tian, Tian(1); Wei, Xiaofeng(2); Jia, Shasha(1); Zhang, Ruihua(1); Li, Jiuxing(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Zhang, Huimin(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Lin, Zhenyu(2); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    WOS:000366766900078   EI:20154201411985   10.1016/j.bios.2015.09.049
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Detection of DNA methyltransferase activity using allosteric molecular beacons

    ANALYST,0003-2654 ,2016.
    Zhang, Weiting; Zu, Xiaolong; Song, Yanling; Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000368185500019   10.1039/c5an01763g
    Included in : SCIE
  • Distance-based microfluidic quantitative detection methods for point-of-care testing

    LAB ON A CHIP,1473-0197 ,2016.
    Tian, Tian; Li, Jiuxing; Song, Yanling; Zhou, Leiji; Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000373057400004   10.1039/c5lc01562f
    Included in : SCIE
  • Advance in phage display technology for bioanalysis

    Biotechnology Journal,1860-6768 ,2016.
    Tan, Yuyu(1); Tian, Tian(1); Liu, Wenli(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong J.(1)
    WOS:000379785700003   EI:20161702281171;20162402486320   10.1002/biot.201500458
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Directional Regulation of Enzyme Pathways through the Control of Substrate Channeling on a DNA Origami Scaffold

    Angewandte Chemie - International Edition,1433-7851 ,2016.
    Ke, Guoliang(1,2); Liu, Minghui(1); Jiang, Shuoxing(1); Qi, Xiaodong(1); Yang, Yuhe Renee(1); Wootten, Shaun(1); Zhang, Fei(1); Zhu, Zhi(2); Liu, Yan(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(2); Yan, Hao(1)
    WOS:000383077400030   EI:20162002382450   10.1002/anie.201603183
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Recent Progress in Aptamer-Based Functional Probes for Bioanalysis and Biomedicine

    Chemistry - A European Journal,0947-6539 ,2016.
    Zhang, Huimin(1); Zhou, Leiji(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    EI:20162302475539   10.1002/chem.201503543
    Included in : EI
  • A pressure-based bioassay for the rapid, portable and quantitative detection of C-reactive protein

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2016.
    Ji, Tianhai; Liu, Dan; Liu, Fang; Li, Jiuxing; Ruan, Qingyu; Song, Yanling; Tian, Tian; Zhu, Zhi; Zhou, Leiji; Lin, Hui; Yang, Chaoyong; Wang, Dong
    WOS:000378715600026   10.1039/c6cc03705d
    Included in : SCIE
  • DNA-Mediated Morphological Control of Silver Nanoparticles

    Small,1613-6810 ,2016.
    Li, Jiuxing(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Liu, Fang(1); Zhu, Bingqing(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Yan, Jinmao(1); Lin, Bingqian(1); Ke, Guoliang(1); Liu, Rudi(1); Zhou, Leiji(1); Tu, Song(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000389264500009   EI:20163502739599   10.1002/smll.201601338
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Selection and Application of DNA Aptamer Against Oncogene Amplified in Breast Cancer 1

    JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR EVOLUTION,0022-2844 ,2015-12.
    An, Yuan; Wu, Jie; Yang, Bo; Zhu, Zhi; Gao, Mingxuan; Yu, Chundong; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000365713700008   10.1007/s00239-015-9703-y
    Included in : SCIE
  • Translating Molecular Recognition into a Pressure Signal to enable Rapid, Sensitive, and Portable Biomedical Analysis

    Zhu, Zhi; Guan, Zhichao; Liu, Dan; Jia, Shasha; Li, Jiuxing; Lei, Zhichao; Lin, Shuichao; Ji, Tianhai; Tian, Zhongqun; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000360312800001   EI:20153501213228   10.1002/anie.201503963
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Simple and Rapid Functionalization of Gold Nanorods with Oligonucleotides Using an mPEG-SH/Tween 20-Assisted Approach

    LANGMUIR,0743-7463 ,2015-07-21.
    Li, Jiuxing; Zhu, Bingqing; Zhu, Zhi; Zhang, Yicong; Yao, Xiujie; Tu, Song; Liu, Rudi; Jia, Shasha; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000358547200021   EI:20153001054381   10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b01680
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Stable DNA Nanomachine Based on Duplex-Triplex Transition for Ratiometric Imaging Instantaneous pH Changes in Living Cells

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2015-06-16.
    Yang, Mengqi(1); Zhang, Xiaoling(1); Liu, Haipeng(5); Kang, Huaizhi(3); Zhu, Zhi(3); Yang, Wen(1); Tan, Weihong(2,4)
    WOS:000356755100002   EI:20152500962399   10.1021/acs.analchem.5b01233
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Evolution of DNA aptamers through in vitro metastatic-cell-based systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment for metastatic cancer recognition and imaging

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2015-05-05.
    Li, Xilan(1); An, Yuan(1); Jin, Jiang(2); Zhu, Zhi(1); Hao, Linlin(3); Liu, Lu(1); Shi, Yongquan(2); Fan, Daiming(2); Ji, Tianhai(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    WOS:000354153600050   EI:20151900829664   10.1021/acs.analchem.5b00637
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Target-responsive DNA hydrogel mediated stop-flow microfluidic paper-based analytic device for rapid, portable and visual detection of multiple targets

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2015-04-21.
    Wei, Xiaofeng(1); Tian, Tian(2); Jia, Shasha(2); Zhu, Zhi(2); Ma, Yanli(2); Sun, Jianjun(1); Lin, Zhenyu(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(2)
    WOS:000353429200033   EI:20151800801850   10.1021/acs.analchem.5b00532
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Design and synthesis of target-responsive aptamer-cross-linked hydrogel for visual quantitative detection of ochratoxin A

    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,1944-8244 ,2015-04-01.
    Liu, Rudi(1); Huang, Yishun(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Jia, Shasha(1); Gao, Mingxuan(1); Li, Jiuxing(1); Zhang, Huimin(1); Xu, Dunming(2); Wu, Min(2); Chen, Yan(2); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong(1)
    WOS:000352246700074   EI:20151500725793   10.1021/acsami.5b01120
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • A label-free fluorescence strategy for sensitive detection of ATP based on the ligation-triggered super-sandwich

    Biosensors and Bioelectronics,0956-5663 ,2015-01-15.
    Lin, Chunshui(1); Chen, Yiying(1); Cai, Zhixiong(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Jiang, Yaqi(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1,3); Chen, Xi(1,2)
    WOS:000343337000077   EI:20143518114482;20150400449900   10.1016/j.bios.2014.08.011
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Target-responsive DNAzyme cross-linked hydrogel for visual quantitative detection of lead

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2014-11-18.
    Huang, Yishun(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Chen, Yahong(1); Wu, Xuemeng(1); Fang, Luting(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    WOS:000345263300064   EI:20150700522648   10.1021/ac503540q
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Au@pt nanoparticle encapsulated target-responsive hydrogel with volumetric bar-chart chip readout for quantitative point-of-care testing

    Angewandte Chemie - International Edition,1433-7851 ,2014-11-10.
    Zhu, Zhi(1); Guan, Zhichao(1); Jia, Shasha(1); Lei, Zhichao(1); Lin, Shuichao(1); Zhang, Huimin(1); Ma, Yanli(1); Tian, Zhong-Qun(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    WOS:000344649900025   EI:20145000316884   10.1002/anie.201405995
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Trifluoromethylated nucleic acid analogues capable of self-assembly through hydrophobic interactions

    Chemical Science,2041-6520 ,2014-10.
    Wang, Ruowen(1); Wang, Chunming(2); Cao, Yang(3); Zhu, Zhi(2); Yang, Chaoyong(2); Chen, Jianzhong(3); Qing, Feng-Ling(4); Tan, Weihong(1)
    WOS:000341195100049   EI:20143618131452   10.1039/c4sc01162g
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • A cell-surface-anchored ratiometric fluorescent probe for extracellular pH sensing

    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,1944-8244 ,2014-09-10.
    Ke, Guoliang(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Wang, Wei(1); Zou, Yuan(1); Guan, Zhichao(1); Jia, Shasha(1); Zhang, Huimin(1); Wu, Xuemeng(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1)
    WOS:000341544200069   EI:20144200109113   10.1021/am503818n
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Label-free fluorescence strategy for sensitive detection of adenosine triphosphate using a loop DNA probe with low background noise

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2014-07-15.
    Lin, Chunshui(1); Cai, Zhixiong(1); Wang, Yiru(1); Zhu, Zhi(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(1); Chen, Xi(1,2)
    WOS:000339227400005   EI:20143017972722   10.1021/ac501730u
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • In Vitro Selection of DNA Aptamers for Metastatic Breast Cancer Cell Recognition and Tissue Imaging

    ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,0003-2700 ,2014-07-01.
    Li, Xilan; Zhang, Weiyun; Liu, Lu; Zhu, Zhi; Ouyang, Gaoliang; An, Yuan; Zhao, Chunyi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000338488800059   EI:20142817922948   10.1021/ac501205q
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Microfluidic approaches to rapid and efficient aptamer selection

    Biomicrofluidics,1932-1058 ,2014-07-01.
    Lin, Hui (1); Zhang, Weiting (1); Jia, Shasha (1); Guan, Zhichao (1); Yang, Chaoyong James (1); Zhu, Zhi (1)
    EI:20182705394798   10.1063/1.4890542
    Included in : EI
  • Monoclonal Surface Display SELEX for Simple, Rapid, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Aptamer Enrichment and Identification

    ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,0003-2700 ,2014-06-17.
    Zhu, Zhi; Song, Yanling; Li, Cong; Zou, Yuan; Zhu, Ling; An, Yuan; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000337643500043   EI:20142617872426   10.1021/ac501423g
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Facile and Rapid Generation of Large-Scale Microcollagen Gel Array for Long-Term Single-Cell 3D Culture and Cell Proliferation Heterogeneity Analysis

    ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,0003-2700 ,2014-03-04.
    Guan, Zhichao; Jia, Shasha; Zhu, Zhi; Zhang, Mingxia; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000332494100071   EI:20141117452900   10.1021/ac500088m
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • In Vitro and in Vivo Studies on the Transport of PEGylated Silica Nanoparticles across the Blood-Brain Barrier

    ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES,1944-8244 ,2014-02-12.
    Liu, Dan; Lin, Bingqian; Shao, Wei; Zhu, Zhi; Ji, Tianhai; Yang, Chaoyong
    WOS:000331493200106   EI:20140917378603   10.1021/am405219u
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • A highly parallel microfluidic droplet method enabling single-molecule counting for digital enzyme detection

    BIOMICROFLUIDICS,1932-1058 ,2014-01.
    Guan, Zhichao; Zou, Yuan; Zhang, Mingxia; Lv, Jiangquan; Shen, Huali; Yang, Pengyuan; Zhang, Huimin; Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000332079900012   10.1063/1.4866766
    Included in : SCIE
  • A T7 exonuclease-assisted cyclic enzymatic amplification method coupled with rolling circle amplification: a dual-amplification strategy for sensitive and selective microRNA detection

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2014.
    Cui, Liang; Zhu, Zhi; Lin, Ninghang; Zhang, Huimin; Guan, Zhichao; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000329991700020   10.1039/c3cc48707e
    Included in : SCIE
  • A multifunctional nanomicelle for real-time targeted imaging and precise near-infrared cancer therapy

    Angewandte Chemie - International Edition,1433-7851 ,2014.
    Tian, Jiangwei(1); Ding, Lin(1); Ju, Huangxian(1); Yang, Yongchao(1); Li, Xilan(2); Shen, Zhen(1); Zhu, Zhi(2); Yu, Jun-Sheng(1); Yang, Chaoyong James(2)
    WOS:000342677000022   EI:20143618143533   10.1002/anie.201405490
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Carbon nanoparticle-protected aptamers for highly sensitive and selective detection of biomolecules based on nuclease-assisted target recycling signal amplification

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2014.
    Lin, Xiaoyan; Cui, Liang; Huang, Yishun; Lin, Ya; Xie, Yi; Zhu, Zhi; Yin, Bincheng; Chen, Xi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000338234000019   10.1039/c4cc02184c
    Included in : SCIE
  • A diazirine-based photoaffinity probe for facile and efficient aptamer-protein covalent conjugation

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2014.
    Zhang, Huimin; Song, Yanling; Zou, Yuan; Ge, Yun; An, Yuan; Ma, Yanli; Zhu, Zhi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000334736900005   10.1039/c4cc01528b
    Included in : SCIE
  • Graphene oxide protected nucleic acid probes for bioanalysis and biomedicine

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    WOS:000322238800004   EI:20133216582751   10.1002/chem.201301292
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Selection of DNA aptamers against epithelial cell adhesion molecule for cancer cell imaging and circulating tumor cell capture

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2013-04-16.
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    WOS:000317794800051   EI:20131716229255   10.1021/ac400366b
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Engineering a cell-surface aptamer circuit for targeted and amplified photodynamic cancer therapy

    ACS Nano,1936-0851 ,2013-03-26.
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    WOS:000316846700048   EI:20131416180997   10.1021/nn305484p
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • An electrochemical sensor based on label-free functional allosteric molecular beacons for detection target DNA/miRNA

    Biosensors and Bioelectronics,0956-5663 ,2013-03-15.
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    WOS:000314191300117   EI:20130215887586   10.1016/j.bios.2012.10.002
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Target-responsive "sweet" hydrogel with glucometer readout for portable and quantitative detection of non-glucose targets

    Journal of the American Chemical Society,0002-7863 ,2013-03-13.
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    WOS:000316244200005   EI:20131216131503   10.1021/ja3114714
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Stabilization of ssRNA on Graphene Oxide Surface: An Effective Way to Design Highly Robust RNA Probes

    ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,0003-2700 ,2013-02-19.
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    WOS:000315326900044   EI:20130916052352   10.1021/ac303179z
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • DNA micelle flares for intracellular mrna imaging and gene therapy

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    WOS:000314654000023   EI:20130716025756   10.1002/anie.201209440
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Single-molecule photon-fueled DNA nanoscissors for DNA cleavage based on the regulation of substrate binding affinity by azobenzene

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2013.
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    WOS:000323758900043   10.1039/c3cc44188a
    Included in : SCIE
  • Backbone-modified molecular beacons for highly sensitive and selective detection of microRNAs based on duplex specific nuclease signal amplification

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2013.
    Lin, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Cheng; Huang, Yishun; Zhu, Zhi; Chen, Xi; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000321956400019   10.1039/c3cc43224f
    Included in : SCIE
  • Cyclic enzymatic amplification method (CEAM) based on exonuclease III for highly sensitive bioanalysis

    METHODS,1046-2023 ,2013.
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    Included in : SCIE
  • A Logical Molecular Circuit for Programmable and Autonomous Regulation of Protein Activity Using DNA Aptamer-Protein Interactions

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    WOS:000313154200036   EI:20130115857257   10.1021/ja310428s
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • L -DNA molecular beacon: A safe, stable, and accurate intracellular nano-thermometer for temperature sensing in living cells

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    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • In vitro selection of highly efficient G-quadruplex-based DNAzymes

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    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Selection of DNA Aptamers against Glioblastoma Cells with High Affinity and Specificity

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    Included in : SCIE
  • Identification, Characterization and Application of a G-Quadruplex Structured DNA Aptamer against Cancer Biomarker Protein Anterior Gradient Homolog 2

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    WOS:000309973900153   10.1371/journal.pone.0046393
    Included in : SCIE
  • Single-molecule force spectroscopic studies on intra- and intermolecular interactions of G-quadruplex aptamer with target Shp2 protein

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    WOS:000308855800001   EI:20123915479138   10.1021/jp303518b
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Mass Amplifying Probe for Sensitive Fluorescence Anisotropy Detection of Small Molecules in Complex Biological Samples

    ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY,0003-2700 ,2012-07-03.
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    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Single-molecule emulsion PCR in microfluidic droplets

    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry,1618-2642 ,2012-06.
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    WOS:000305127200007   EI:20122915254188   10.1007/s00216-012-5914-x
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Massively parallel single-molecule and single-cell emulsion reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction using agarose droplet microfluidics

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2012-04-17.
    Zhang, Huifa (1); Jenkins, Gareth (1, 2); Zou, Yuan (1); Zhu, Zhi (1); Yang, Chaoyong James (1)
    WOS:000302838500018   EI:20121714962963   10.1021/ac2033084
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Highly parallel single-molecule amplification approach based on agarose droplet polymerase chain reaction for efficient and cost-effective aptamer selection

    Analytical Chemistry,0003-2700 ,2012-01-03.
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    WOS:000298763900051   EI:20120214667569   10.1021/ac2026942
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Aptamer-incorporated hydrogels for visual detection, controlled drug release, and targeted cancer therapy

    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry,1618-2642 ,2012-01.
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    WOS:000298749300024   EI:20120514720210   10.1007/s00216-011-5414-4
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Highly sensitive and quantitative detection of rare pathogens through agarose droplet microfluidic emulsion PCR at the single-cell level

    LAB ON A CHIP,1473-0197 ,2012.
    Zhu, Zhi; Zhang, Wenhua; Leng, Xuefei; Zhang, Mingxia; Guan, Zhichao; Lu, Jiangquan; Yang, Chaoyong James
    WOS:000308894600010   10.1039/c2lc40461c
    Included in : SCIE
  • Backbone modification promotes peroxidase activity of G-quadruplex-based DNAzyme

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2012.
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    WOS:000306747000012   10.1039/c2cc32919k
    Included in : SCIE
  • Caged molecular beacons: controlling nucleic acid hybridization with light

    CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,1359-7345 ,2011.
    Wang, Chunming; Zhu, Zhi; Song, Yanling; Lin, Hui; Yang, Chaoyong James; Tan, Weihong
    WOS:000290168100010   10.1039/c1cc10481k
    Included in : SCIE
  • DNA功能化金纳米及其应用

    中国科学:化学,1674-7224 ,2015-11-20.
    CSCD核心 理工二类核心
  • 纸芯片微流控技术的发展及应用

    分析测试学报,1004-4957 ,2015-03-31.
    CSCD核心 理工二类核心
  • 氧化石墨烯保护的核酸分子探针及其在生物分析中的应用

    厦门大学学报(自然科学版),0438-0479 ,2014-09-28.
    CSCD核心 理工二类核心