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Jun Cheng(程俊)

College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering


WOK 论文 15篇;中文核心 2篇;专利发明 1个;图书及章节 1本;

  • Determining Potentials of Zero Charge of Metal Electrodes versus the Standard Hydrogen Electrode from Density-Functional-Theory-Based Molecular Dynamics

    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS,0031-9007 ,2017-07-05.
    Le, Jiabo; Iannuzzi, Marcella; Cuesta, Angel; Cheng, Jun
    WOS:000404764500010   EI:20172803936084   10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.016801
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • Calculation of Electrochemical Energy Levels in Water Using the Random Phase Approximation and a Double Hybrid Functional

    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS,0031-9007 ,2016-02-25.
    Cheng, Jun; VandeVondele, Joost
    WOS:000370817400015   EI:20161002057606   10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.086402
    Included in : SCIE、EI
  • 《理论计算电化学》专辑序言

    电化学,1006-3471 ,2017.
  • 锐钛矿TiO(101)表面电子能带结构的理论研究

    电化学,1006-3471 ,2017.
  • Chapter 13:All-Atom Computation of Vertical and Adiabatic Ionization Energy of the Aqueous Hydroxide Anion//.Concepts and Methods in Modern Theoretical Chemistry. (专著). CRC press, 2013年01月.