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Chemical biology and medicinal chemistry

  • ERK5 is activated by oncogenic BRAF and promotes melanoma growth

    ONCOGENE,0950-9232 ,2018-05.
    Tusa, I; Gagliardi, S; Tubita, A; Pandolfi, S; Urso, C; Borgognoni, L; Wang, JH; Deng, XM; Gray, NS; Stecca, B; Rovida, E
    WOS:000431873400001   10.1038/s41388-018-0164-9
    Included in : SCIE
  • Leveraging unique structural characteristics of WNK kinases to achieve therapeutic inhibition

    SCIENCE SIGNALING,1945-0877 ,2016-10-18.
    Zhang, Jinwei; Deng, Xianming; Kahle, Kristopher T.
    WOS:000387029300003   10.1126/scisignal.aaj2227
    Included in : SCIE
  • 鹭宁两地植物根际土壤中放线菌的生物多样性分析及生物活性检测

    厦门大学学报. 自然科学版,0438-0479 ,2017.
  • 福建省药理学学科发展报告

    海峡科学,1673-8683 ,2016-01-15.