Title PublishDate
An active nanoporous Ni(Fe) OER electrocatalyst via selective dissolution of Cd in alkaline media 2018-06-05
Glomalin-related soil protein deposition and carbon sequestration in the Old Yellow River delta 2018-06-01
CuCr2O4@rGO Nanocomposites as High-Performance Cathode Catalyst for Rechargeable Lithium–Oxygen Batteries 2018-06-01
Air pollutants and asthma patient visits: Indication of source influence 2018-06-01
Numerical simulation and experimental investigation on friction and wear behaviour of micro-textured cemented carbide in dry sliding against TC4 titanium alloy balls 2018-06
Effects of particles on potential denitrification in the coastal waters of the Beibu Gulf in China 2018-05-15
Modern physiognomy: an investigation on predicting personality traits and intelligence from the human face 2018-05-01
Diode-pumped continuous-wave Nd:Gd3Ga5O12lasers at 1406, 1415 and 1423nm 2018-05
New understandings of ethanol oxidation reaction mechanism on Pd/C and Pd2Ru/C catalysts in alkaline direct ethanol fuel cells 2018-05
Influences of point defects on electrical and optical properties of InGaN light-emitting diodes at cryogenic temperature 2018-04-28
Interaction of chromium(III) or chromium(VI) with catalase and its effect on the structure and function of catalase: An in vitro study 2018-04-01
Robust disturbance rejection for uncertain fractional-order systems 2018-04-01
Hydrochemical controls on reservoir nutrient and phytoplankton dynamics under storms 2018-04-01
A new upwind flux for a jump boundary condition applied to 3D viscous fracture modeling 2018-04-01
LaFeO3nanoparticle-coupled TiO2nanotube array composite with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity 2018-04-01
A one-time pad color image cryptosystem based on SHA-3 and multiple chaotic systems 2018-04
Double functionalization of a fullerene in drastic arc-discharge conditions: synthesis and formation mechanism of C2v(2)-C78Cl6(C5Cl6) 2018-04
Insight into the role of W in amorphous GeTe for phase-change memory 2018-03-25
Characterization of binding interactions between selected phenylpropanoid glycosides and trypsin 2018-03-15
One-pot production of hydrocarbon oils from biomass derived Γ-valerolactone 2018-03-15