Title PublishDate
Experimental study on manufactured sand shape detection by image method 2019-09-01
Reverse time migration of acoustic waves for imaging based defects detection for concrete and CFST structures 2019-02-15
Normalizing land surface temperature for environmental parameters in mountainous and urban areas of a cold semi-arid climate 2019-02-10
Karst rocky desertification progress: Soil calcium as a possible driving force 2019-02-01
Manipulation of the rhizosphere bacterial community by biofertilizers is associated with mitigation of cadmium phytotoxicity 2019-02-01
IOFollow: Improving the performance of VM live storage migration with IO following in the cloud 2019-02
On the growth factor upper bound for Aasen's algorithm 2019-02
Biomorphic composites composed of octahedral Co3O4 nanocrystals and mesoporous carbon microtubes templated from cotton for excellent supercapacitor electrodes 2019-01-28
Organic matter decomposition sustains sedimentary nitrogen loss in the Pearl River Estuary, China 2019-01-15
Constructing efficient mixed-ion perovskite solar cells based on TiO2 nanorod array 2019-01-15
A single-step iteration method for non-Hermitian positive definite linear systems 2019-01-15
Epitaxial growth and band alignment of p-NiO/n-Fe2O3 heterojunction on Al2O3(0001) 2019-01-15
Sensitive determination of perfluoroalkane sulfonamides in water and urine samples by multiple monolithic fiber solid-phase microextraction and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry 2019-01-15
Multi-scale response sensitivity analysis based on direct differentiation method for concrete structures 2019-01-15
High thermal stress responses of Echinolittorina snails at their range edge predict population vulnerability to future warming 2019-01-10
Atomic-level insight into the mechanism of 0D/2D black phosphorus quantum dot/graphitic carbon nitride (BPQD/GCN) metal-free heterojunction for photocatalysis 2019-01-01
Combustion behavior, emission characteristics of SO2, SO3 and NO, and in situ control of SO2 and NO during the co-combustion of anthracite and dried sawdust sludge 2019-01-01
Do we need all the frequency components of a fringe signal to obtain position information in a vertical scanning wideband interferometer? 2019-01-01
Broadband tunable absorber for terahertz waves based on isotropic silicon metasurfaces 2019-01-01