Title PublishDate
Fitting the Erlang mixture model to data via a GEM-CMM algorithm 2018-12-01
Minimum norm partial quadratic eigenvalue assignment for vibrating structures using receptances and system matrices 2018-11
US interest rate spread and energy consumption by sector (Evidence of pre and post implementation of the Fed's LSAPs policy) 2018-11
Effects of gallium as an additive on activated carbon-supported cobalt catalysts for the synthesis of higher alcohols from syngas 2018-10-15
Temporal trends and transport of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in a subtropical estuary: Jiulong River Estuary, Fujian, China 2018-10-15
Pre-irradiation grafted single lithium-ion conducting polymer electrolyte based on poly(vinylidene fluoride) 2018-10-01
Macroporous silica nanoparticles for delivering Bcl2-function converting peptide to treat multidrug resistant-cancer cells 2018-10-01
Single-step selective metallization on insulating substrates by laser-induced molten transfer 2018-10-01
A novel white-light-emission phosphor Dy3+-doped CaLaB7O13under UV excitation 2018-10
A deep red-light-emitting phosphor Mn4+:CaAl4O7for warm white LEDs 2018-10
Spherical wave attenuation under multiple energy source in viscous fluid-saturated elastic porous media 2018-10
Decay estimate of solutions to the coupled chemotaxis–fluid equations in R3 2018-10
Thermal-evaporated selenium as a hole-transporting material for planar perovskite solar cells 2018-10
Wideband high-efficient linear polarization rotators 2018-10
Interactions between iron mineral-humic complexes and hexavalent chromium and the corresponding bio-effects 2018-10
Comb-typed polycarboxylate superplasticizer equiped with hyperbranched polyamide teeth 2018-09-20
Nitrogen-doped biomass-based hierarchical porous carbon with large mesoporous volume for application in energy storage 2018-09-15
One-step electrodeposition synthesis of a ni–fe–sn electrode for hydrogen production in alkaline solution 2018-09-15
Alignment-consistent recursive neural networks for bilingual phrase embeddings 2018-09-15
Crucial support effect on the durability of Pt/MgAl2O4 for partial oxidation of methane to syngas 2018-09-05