Title PublishDate
Experimental study on manufactured sand shape detection by image method 2019-09-01
Evaluations of nonlinear Euler sums of weight ten 2019-04-01
Simultaneous determination of dissolved phenanthrene and its metabolites by derivative synchronous fluorescence spectrometry with double scans method in aqueous solution 2019-04-01
Efficient data request answering in vehicular Ad-hoc networks based on fog nodes and filters 2019-04
Quantum-based subgraph convolutional neural networks 2019-04
Superconvergence analysis of an H1-Galerkin mixed finite element method for nonlinear BBM equation 2019-04
Formation of soy protein isolate-carrageenan complex coacervates for improved viability of Bifidobacterium longum during pasteurization and in vitro digestion 2019-03-15
Leaching of indium from end-of-life LCD panels via catalysis by synergistic microbial communities 2019-03-10
Carbon sinks and output of China's forestry sector: An ecological economic development perspective 2019-03-10
Atomic-scale insights into thermal stability of Pt3Co nanoparticles: A comparison between disordered alloy and ordered intermetallics 2019-03-05
Diurnal variations in the content and oxygen isotope composition of phosphate pools in a subtropical agriculture soil 2019-03-01
Frequency pair model for selection of signal spectral components to determine position of zero optical-path difference in a pulse-train interferometer 2019-03-01
Preparation of hierarchically porous carbon/magnetic particle composites with broad microwave absorption bandwidth 2019-03-01
Schottky barrier height modulation effect on n-Ge with TaN contact 2019-03-01
Chirality-selection of magnetic domain walls in the Y-shaped nanostrips under small magnetic fields 2019-03-01
Improved photoelectrochemical properties of tungsten oxide by modification with plasmonic gold nanoparticles for the non-enzymatic sensing of ethanol 2019-03-01
Magnetic dynamic properties of defective cobalt nanorings: Monte Carlo simulation 2019-03-01
What are the main factors affecting carbon price in Emission Trading Scheme? A case study in China 2019-03-01
Fabrication of N,N-dimethyldodecylamine functionalized magnetic adsorbent for efficient enrichment of flavonoids 2019-03-01
Effect of molecular weight of polyethylene glycol on the sheet-thickness and photocatalytic performance of MoS2 nanoparticles 2019-03-01