Title PublishDate
Decay estimate of solutions to the coupled chemotaxis–fluid equations in R3 2018-10
A novel white-light-emission phosphor Dy3+-doped CaLaB7O13under UV excitation 2018-10
Cascade-like and cyclic heat transfer characteristics affected by enclosure aspect ratios for low Prandtl numbers 2018-09
A theoretical approach to multiple scattering of surface waves by shallow cavities in a half-space 2018-08
Simultaneous detection of malachite & leucomalachite green based on dual template CdTe@MIP via normal and synchronous fluorescence quenching 2018-08
Multi-label learning based deep transfer neural network for facial attribute classification 2018-08
Global classical solutions of compressible isentropic Navier–Stokes equations with small density 2018-08
Performance assessment and optimization of a thermophotovoltaic converter-thermoelectric generator combined system 2018-07-01
Positive carbon dots with dual roles of nanoquencher and reference signal for the ratiometric fluorescence sensing of DNA 2018-07-01
Lead-containing Beta zeolites as versatile Lewis acid catalysts for the aminolysis of epoxides 2018-07-01
Storm induced estuarine turbidity maxima and controls on nutrient fluxes across river-estuary-coast continuum 2018-07-01
Na2MnO3as cathode materials for Na ion batteries: From first-principles investigations 2018-07
Optimization of sputtering NiOxfilms for perovskite solar cell applications 2018-07
Policy impact of new energy vehicles promotion on air quality in Chinese cities 2018-07
Unstructured mesh finite difference/finite element method for the 2D time-space Riesz fractional diffusion equation on irregular convex domains 2018-07
Optimal carbon taxes for China and implications for power generation, welfare, and the environment 2018-07
Motion-tolerant diffusion mapping based on single-shot overlapping-echo detachment (OLED) planar imaging 2018-07
An active nanoporous Ni(Fe) OER electrocatalyst via selective dissolution of Cd in alkaline media 2018-06-05
Preparation of polyacrylamide via dispersion polymerization with gelatin as a stabilizer and its synergistic effect on organic dye flocculation 2018-06-05
Global low-energy weak solution and large-time behavior for the compressible flow of liquid crystals 2018-06-05