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DaWang Zhou(周大旺)

School of Life Sciences




WOK 论文 29 篇;中文核心 4 篇;其它论文 9 篇;

  • Role of the transcriptional coactivators YAP/TAZ in liver cancer

    CURRENT OPINION IN CELL BIOLOGY,0955-0674,2019-12.
    Zhang, SH; Zhou, DW
    WOS:000501828200010   10.1016/
    Included in:SCIE
  • A Mycobacterium tuberculosis surface protein recruits ubiquitin to trigger host xenophagy

    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS,2041-1723,2019-04-29.
    Chai, QY; Wang, XD; Qiang, LH; Zhang, Y; Ge, PP; Lu, Z; Zhong, YZ; Li, BX; Wang, J; Zhang, LQ; Zhou...
    WOS:000466120200017   10.1038/s41467-019-09955-8
    Included in:SCIE
  • FGF15 Activates Hippo Signaling to Suppress Bile Acid Metabolism and Liver Tumorigenesis

    DEVELOPMENTAL CELL,1534-5807,2019-02-25.
    Ji, SY; Liu, QX; Zhang, SH; Chen, QH; Wang, C; Zhang, WJ; Xiao, C; Li, YX; Nian, C; Li, JX; Li, JH;...
    WOS:000459039500007   10.1016/j.devcel.2018.12.021
    Included in:SCIE
  • Macrophage achieves self-protection against oxidative stress-induced ageing through the Mst-Nrf2 axis

    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS,2041-1723,2019-02-14.
    Wang, P; Geng, J; Gao, JH; Zhao, H; Li, JH; Shi, YR; Yang, BY; Xiao, C; Linghu, YY; Sun, XF; Chen, ...
    WOS:000458609500011   10.1038/s41467-019-08680-6
    Included in:SCIE
  • Tom20 senses iron-activated ROS signaling to promote melanoma cell pyroptosis

    CELL RESEARCH,1001-0602,2018-12.
    Zhou, B; Zhang, JY; Liu, XS; Chen, HZ; Ai, YL; Cheng, K; Sun, RY; Zhou, DW; Han, JH; Wu, Q
    WOS:000451782300006   10.1038/s41422-018-0090-y
    Included in:SCIE
  • Role of Hippo signaling in regulating immunity

    CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY,1672-7681,2018-12.
    Hong, LX; Li, X; Zhou, DW; Geng, J; Chen, LF
    WOS:000451835100001   10.1038/s41423-018-0007-1
    Included in:SCIE
  • Neddylation contributes to CD4(+) T cell-mediated protective immunity against blood-stage Plasmodium infection

    PLOS PATHOGENS,1553-7366,2018-11.
    Cheng, QQ; Liu, J; Pei, YJ; Zhang, YL; Zhou, DW; Pan, WQ; Zhang, JY
    WOS:000451831800038   10.1371/journal.ppat.1007440
    Included in:SCIE
  • ATR/Chk1 signaling induces autophagy through sumoylated RhoB-mediated lysosomal translocation of TSC2 after DNA damage

    NATURE COMMUNICATIONS,2041-1723,2018-10-08.
    Liu, MD; Zeng, TL; Zhang, X; Liu, CY; Wu, ZH; Yao, LM; Xie, CC; Xia, H; Lin, Q; Xie, LP; Zhou, DW; ...
    WOS:000446566800008   10.1038/s41467-018-06556-9
    Included in:SCIE
  • SET1A-Mediated Mono-Methylation at K342 Regulates YAP Activation by Blocking Its Nuclear Export and Promotes Tumorigenesis

    CANCER CELL,1535-6108,2018-07-09.
    Fang, L; Teng, HQ; Wang, YL; Liao, GH; Weng, LJ; Li, YX; Wang, XB; Jin, JL; Jiao, CC; Chen, L; Peng...
    WOS:000438189700010   10.1016/j.ccell.2018.06.002
    Included in:SCIE
  • RIP3 targets pyruvate dehydrogenase complex to increase aerobic respiration in TNF-induced necroptosis

    NATURE CELL BIOLOGY,1465-7392,2018-02.
    Yang, Zhentao; Wang, Yan; Zhang, Yingying; He, Xiadi; Zhong, Chuan-Qi; Nil, Hengxiao; Chen, Xin; Li...
    WOS:000423433800012   10.1038/s41556-017-0022-y
    Included in:SCIE
  • Pd nanosheets with their surface coordinated by radioactive iodide as a high-performance theranostic nanoagent for orthotopic hepatocellular carcinoma imaging and cancer therapy

    Chemical Science,2041-6520,2018.
    Chen, Mei(1,2); Guo, Zhide(3); Chen, Qinghua(4); Wei, Jingping(1); Li, Jingchao(1); Shi, Changrong(...
    WOS:000432203100009   EI:20182005203749   10.1039/c8sc00104a
    Included in:SCIE、EI
  • The transcriptional coactivator TAZ regulates reciprocal differentiation of T(H)17 cells and T-reg cells

    NATURE IMMUNOLOGY,1529-2908,2017-07.
    Geng, Jing; Yu, Shujuan; Zhao, Hao; Sun, Xiufeng; Li, Xun; Wang, Ping; Xiong, Xiaolin; Hong, Lixin;...
    WOS:000403676300015   10.1038/ni.3748
    Included in:SCIE
  • Hippo Signaling Suppresses Cell Ploidy and Tumorigenesis through Skp2

    CANCER CELL,1535-6108,2017-05-08.
    Zhang, Shihao; Chen, Qinghua; Liu, Qingxu; Li, Yuxi; Sun, Xiufeng; Hong, Lixin; Ji, Suyuan; Liu, Ch...
    WOS:000400738600010   10.1016/j.ccell.2017.04.004
    Included in:SCIE
  • Targeting BRK-Positive Breast Cancers with Small-Molecule Kinase Inhibitors

    CANCER RESEARCH,0008-5472,2017-01-01.
    Jiang, Jie; Gui, Fu; He, Zhixiang; Li, Li; Li, Yunzhan; Li, Shunying; Wu, Xinrui; Deng, Zhou; Sun, ...
    WOS:000393187900016   10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-16-1038
    Included in:SCIE
  • Multifunctional Nanohybrid Based on Porous Silicon Nanoparticles, Gold Nanoparticles, and Acetalated Dextran for Liver Regeneration and Acute Liver Failure Theranostics

    Advanced Materials,0935-9648,2017.
    Liu, Zehua(1); Li, Yunzhan(2,3); Li, Wei(1); Xiao, Chen(2,3); Liu, Dongfei(1,8); Dong, Chao(2,3); Z...
    WOS:000436455800001   EI:20174204274704   10.1002/adma.201703393
    Included in:SCIE、EI
  • Pharmacological targeting of kinases MST1 and MST2 augments tissue repair and regeneration

    SCIENCE TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE,1946-6234,2016-08-17.
    Fan, Fuqin; He, Zhixiang; Kong, Lu-Lu; Chen, Qinghua; Yuan, Quan; Zhang, Shihao; Ye, Jinjin; Liu, H...
    WOS:000384013700002   10.1126/scitranslmed.aaf2304
    Included in:SCIE
  • Kinases Mst1 and Mst2 positively regulate phagocytic induction of reactive oxygen species and bactericidal activity

    NATURE IMMUNOLOGY,1529-2908,2015-11.
    Geng, Jing; Sun, Xiufeng; Wang, Ping; Zhang, Shihao; Wang, Xiaozhen; Wu, Hongtan; Hong, Lixin; Xie,...
    WOS:000363096000008   10.1038/ni.3268
    Included in:SCIE
  • The kinases NDR1/2 act downstream of the Hippo homolog MST1 tomediate both egress of thymocytes from the thymus and lymphocyte motility

    SCIENCE SIGNALING,1945-0877,2015-10-06.
    Tang, Fengyuan; Gill, Jason; Ficht, Xenia; Barthlott, Thomas; Cornils, Hauke; Schmitz-Rohmer, Debor...
    WOS:000363319100003   10.1126/scisignal.aab2425
    Included in:SCIE
  • A miR-130a-YAP positive feedback loop promotes organ size and tumorigenesis

    CELL RESEARCH,1001-0602,2015-09.
    Shen, Shuying; Guo, Xiaocan; Yan, Huan; Lu, Yi; Ji, Xinyan; Li, Li; Liang, Tingbo; Zhou, Dawang; Fe...
    WOS:000360765600005   10.1038/cr.2015.98
    Included in:SCIE
  • Mammalian STE20-like kinase 2, not kinase 1, mediates photoreceptor cell death during retinal detachment

    CELL DEATH & DISEASE,2041-4889,2014-05.
    Matsumoto, H.; Murakami, Y.; Kataoka, K.; Lin, H.; Connor, K. M.; Miller, J. W.; Zhou, D.; Avruch, ...
    WOS:000337229300069   10.1038/cddis.2014.218
    Included in:SCIE
  • Impeded Nedd4-1-Mediated Ras Degradation Underlies Ras-Driven Tumorigenesis

    CELL REPORTS,2211-1247,2014-05.
    Zeng, Taoling; Wang, Qun; Fu, Jieying; Lin, Qi; Bi, Jing; Ding, Weichao; Qiao, Yikai; Zhang, Sheng;...
    WOS:000335560900027   10.1016/j.celrep.2014.03.045
    Included in:SCIE
  • Ubiquitin E3 ligase CRL4CDT2/DCAF2 as a potential chemotherapeutic target for ovarian surface epithelial cancer

    Journal of Biological Chemistry,0021-9258,2013-10-11.
    Pan, Wei-Wei(1,2,4); Zhou, Jian-Jie(3); Yu, Chao(1); Xu, Ying(4); Guo, Lian-Jun(4); Zhang, Hai-Yi(1...
    WOS:000330615300043   EI:20134316878495   10.1074/jbc.M113.495069
    Included in:SCIE、EI
  • Mst1 and Mst2 kinases: regulations and diseases

    CELL AND BIOSCIENCE,2045-3701,2013-08-28.
    Qin, Funiu; Tian, Jing; Zhou, Dawang; Chen, Lanfen
    WOS:000325165700001   10.1186/2045-3701-3-31
    Included in:SCIE
  • DNA Topoisomerase II Is Dispensable for Oocyte Meiotic Resumption but Is Essential for Meiotic Chromosome Condensation and Separation in Mice

    BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION,0006-3363,2013.
    Li, Xiao-Meng; Yu, Chao; Wang, Zhong-Wei; Zhang, Yin-Li; Liu, Xiao-Man; Zhou, Dawang; Sun, Qing-Yua...
    WOS:000328274300002   10.1095/biolreprod.113.110692
    Included in:SCIE
  • The Ets Transcription Factor GABP Is a Component of the Hippo Pathway Essential for Growth and Antioxidant Defense

    CELL REPORTS,2211-1247,2013.
    Wu, Hongtan(1) ;Xiao, Yubo(1) ;Zhang, Shihao(1) ;Ji, Suyuan(1) ;Wei, Luyao(1) ;Fan, Fuqin(1) ;Geng,...
    WOS:000321899300035   10.1016/j.celrep.2013.04.020
    Included in:SCIE
  • Protein kinases of the Hippo pathway: Regulation and substrates

    Avruch, Joseph; Zhou, Dawang; Fitamant, Julien; Bardeesy, Nabeel; Mou, Fan; Barrufet, Laura Regue
    WOS:000309264300008   10.1016/j.semcdb.2012.07.002
    Included in:SCIE
  • Hippo pathway in intestinal homeostasis and tumorigenesis

    PROTEIN & CELL,1674-800X,2012-04.
    Chen, Lanfen; Qin, Funiu; Deng, Xianming; Avruch, Joseph; Zhou, Dawang
    WOS:000310527600008   10.1007/s13238-012-2913-9
    Included in:SCIE
  • YAP oncogene overexpression supercharges colon cancer proliferation

    CELL CYCLE,1538-4101,2012-03-15.
    Avruch, Joseph; Zhou, Dawang; Bardeesy, Nabeel
    WOS:000301851700013   10.4161/cc.11.6.19453
    Included in:SCIE
  • Mst1 and Mst2 protein kinases restrain intestinal stem cell proliferation and colonic tumorigenesis by inhibition of Yes-associated protein (Yap) overabundance

    Zhou, Dawang; Zhang, Yongyou; Wu, Hongtan; Barry, Evan; Yin, Yi; Lawrence, Earl; Dawson, Dawn; Will...
    WOS:000297683800008   10.1073/pnas.1110428108
    Included in:SCIE
  • 免疫细胞代谢及其功能调节研究进展

  • Hippo信号通路与肝脏稳态调控及疾病发生

  • Hippo信号通路:器官大小与组织稳态调控器

  • Hippo信号通路调控宿主抗感染的重要防御机制

    CSCD扩展 理工二类核心
  • Hippo signaling in bile acid metabolism and cancer development

  • 以课题式实验教学提高学生科研兴趣和科研能力的探索——以“遗传学实验”为例

  • 生物科学本科教学质量保障监控体系的构建与探索

  • Hippo信号通路通过调控Skp2活性从而抑制细胞多倍体产生及肝癌发生

    张世浩;陈青花;刘清许;Yuxi Li;Xiufeng Sun;Lixin Hong;Suyuan Ji;Chengyan Liu;Jing Geng;Weiji Zhang;Zhonglei Lu;Zhen-Yu Yin;Yuanyuan Zeng;Kwang-Huei Lin;Qiao Wu;Qiyuan Li;Keiko Nakayama;Keiich I.Nakayama;Xianming Deng;Randy L.Johnson;Liang Zhu;Daming Gao;陈兰芬;周大旺
  • 国家级实验教学示范中心综合育人功能

  • “双一流”背景下对生命科学领域拔尖人才培养体系的探索

  • 控制肝脏组织发育、再生重塑与大小的关键蛋白质机器

  • 遵循人才培养规律的生物科学专业课程体系建设探讨

  • 生物化学实验课教学改革及本科生基本科研素质培养