Title PublishDate
Towards visible-wavelength passively mode-locked lasers in all-fibre format 2020-12-01
919.8 nm self-Q-switched Nd-doped silica all-fiber laser 2020-10-15
Understanding urban structures and crowd dynamics leveraging large-scale vehicle mobility data 2020-10-01
On the characteristics of ADRC: a PID interpretation 2020-10-01
Highly integrated sulfur cathodes with strong sulfur/high-strength binder interactions enabling durable high-loading lithium–sulfur batteries 2020-10
Value of down-conversion policy in a vertical differentiated co-production system 2020-10
Ultra-broadband wide-angle terahertz absorber realized by a doped silicon metamaterial 2020-09-15
Crease-induced targeted cutting and folding of graphene origami 2020-09-15
Synthesis and magnetic properties of colloidal superparticles assembled by Mn3O4 octahedral nanocrystals 2020-09-15
Stacking faults triggered strain engineering of ZIF-67 derived Ni-Co bimetal phosphide for enhanced overall water splitting 2020-09-05
Rapid quantification of pathogenic Salmonella Typhimurium and total bacteria in eggs by nano-flow cytometry 2020-09-01
Fabrication of multi-shell coated silicon nanoparticles via in-situ electroless deposition as high performance anodes for lithium ion batteries 2020-09
Study on bandgap characteristics of particle damping phononic crystal 2020-09
Nitrogen-Doped microporous carbons derived from azobenzene and nitrile-functionalized polybenzoxazines for CO2 uptake 2020-09
A flexible capacitive pressure sensor based on an electrospun polyimide nanofiber membrane 2020-09
Highly efficient LD-pumped 607 nm high-power CW Pr3+: YLF lasers 2020-09
A general synthesis of identification and vibration control of building structures under unknown excitations 2020-09
MOEA/D with many-stage dynamical resource allocation strategy to solution of many-objective OPF problems 2020-09
Amorphous/crystalline ZrC alternating multilayers deposited by magnetron sputtering at room temperature 2020-09
Industrial linkage of embodied CO2 emissions: Evidence based on an absolute weighted measurement method 2020-09