Title PublishDate
Structured condition number for multiple right-hand side linear systems with parameterized quasiseparable coefficient matrix 2020-04
Metalized Alkanedithiol Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) on Au Surfaces by an In Situ Autocatalytic Mechanism 2020-04
Exploring high-voltage fluorinated carbonate electrolytes for LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode in Li-ion batteries 2020-03
Cascade conversion of furfural to fuel bioadditive ethyl levulinate over bifunctional zirconium-based catalysts 2020-03
One-pot assembly tannic acid-titanium dual network coating for low-pressure nanofiltration membranes 2020-02-15
Arsenic adsorption mechanism on palm oil fuel ash (POFA) powder suspension 2020-02-05
A facile accessible acylhydrazone as Al3+ sensor with excellent sensitivity and selectivity 2020-02-05
Extraction of phosphorus from metallurgical grade silicon using a combined process of Si-Al-Ca solvent refining and CaO-CaF2 slag treatment 2020-02-01
Neutralization reaction in synthesis of carbon materials for supercapacitors 2020-02-01
Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction coupled with surface enhanced Raman scattering for the rapid detection of sodium benzoate 2020-02-01
A taurine-functionalized 3D graphene-based foam for electrochemical determination of hydrogen peroxide 2020-02-01
Stabilizing CsPbBr3 perovskite quantum dots on zirconium phosphate nanosheets through an ion exchange/surface adsorption strategy 2020-02-01
Rational design of MnO nanoparticles assemblies for sensitive magnetic relaxation detection of melamine 2020-02-01
Dual hydrophobic modifications toward anion exchange membranes with both high ion conductivity and excellent dimensional stability 2020-02-01
A naphthalimide-based probe for phosgene sensing based on the phosgene-induced beckmann rearrangement 2020-02
High performance columnar-like Fe2O3@carbon composite anode via yolk@shell structural design 2020-02
Improved ADM1 for modelling C, N, P fates in anaerobic digestion process of pig manure and optimization approaches to biogas production 2020-02
Modulation of the electronic states of perovskite SrCrO3 thin films through protonation via low-energy hydrogen plasma implantation approaches 2020-02
The optimal design and operation strategy of renewable energy-CCHP coupled system applied in five building objects 2020-02
Integrated optimization of underwater acoustic ship-radiated noise recognition based on two-dimensional feature fusion 2020-02