Title PublishDate
Comparisons of simulation results between passive and active fluid structure interaction models for left ventricle in hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy 2021-12
CarSite-II: an integrated classification algorithm for identifying carbonylated sites based on K-means similarity-based undersampling and synthetic minority oversampling techniques 2021-12
Persistent luminescence nanoparticles for cancer theranostics application 2021-12
Quantification of electron accumulation at grain boundaries in perovskite polycrystalline films by correlative infrared-spectroscopic nanoimaging and Kelvin probe force microscopy 2021-12
Revealing unconventional host–guest complexation at nanostructured interface by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy 2021-12
Engineering Two-Phase Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalysts with Tunable and Synergetic Components for Flexible Zn–Air Batteries 2021-12
Waste biorefinery towards a sustainable circular bioeconomy: a solution to global issues 2021-12
Silica optical fiber integrated with two-dimensional materials: towards opto-electro-mechanical technology 2021-12
Dynamical boundary problem for Dirichlet-to-Neumann operator with critical Sobolev exponent and Hardy potential 2021-12
Tubule-specific protein nanocages potentiate targeted renal fibrosis therapy 2021-12
Optomechanically induced transparency, amplification, and Fano resonance in a multimode optomechanical system with quadratic coupling 2021-12
Auto-classification of biomass through characterization of their pyrolysis behaviors using thermogravimetric analysis with support vector machine algorithm: case study for tobacco 2021-12
Progress on AlGaN-based solar-blind ultraviolet photodetectors and focal plane arrays 2021-12
Plasticity-induced stacking fault behaviors of γ’ precipitates in novel CoNi-based superalloys 2021-11-10
Bridging regulation in graphitic carbon nitride for band-structure modulation and directional charge transfer towards efficient H2 evolution under visible-light irradiation 2021-11
A carrier-free metal-coordinated dual-photosensitizers nanotheranostic with glutathione-depletion for fluorescence/photoacoustic imaging-guided tumor phototherapy 2021-10-15
In-situ TEM observation of the evolution of helium bubbles & dislocation loops and their interaction in Pd during He+ irradiation 2021-10-10
Engineered bio-adhesive polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane hybrid nanoformulation of amphotericin B for prolonged therapy of fungal keratitis 2021-10-01
Self-supporting transition metal chalcogenides on metal substrates for catalytic water splitting 2021-10-01
Organophosphorus modified hollow bimetallic organic frameworks: Effective adsorption and catalytic charring of pyrolytic volatiles 2021-10-01