Title PublishDate
Lifespan of solutions to semilinear damping wave equations in de Sitter spacetime 2020-06
SiO2-Fe/N/C catalyst with enhanced mass transport in PEM fuel cells 2020-05-05
A hybrid approach for portfolio selection with higher-order moments: Empirical evidence from Shanghai Stock Exchange 2020-05-01
Fine Doppler scale estimations for an underwater acoustic CP-OFDM system 2020-05
A new two-grid nonconforming mixed finite element method for nonlinear Benjamin-Bona-Mahoney equation 2020-04-15
Active magnetic Fe3+-doped BiOBr micromotors as efficient solar photo-fenton catalyst 2020-04-10
Highly rapid mechanochemical synthesis of a pillar-layer metal-organic framework for efficient CH4/N2 separation 2020-04-01
Thermoeconomic performance optimization of an irreversible Brayton refrigeration cycle using Gd, Gd0.95Dy0.05 or Gd0.95Er0.05 as the working substance 2020-04-01
Energy substitution effect on transport sector of Pakistan: A trans-log production function approach 2020-04-01
Model checks for functional linear regression models based on projected empirical processes 2020-04
Effect of mangrove species on removal of tetrabromobisphenol A from contaminated sediments 2020-04
Study on the Formation of Ethyl Levulinate from Wheat Straw Based on a Model Compound 2020-04
Chirp-rate quasi-orthogonality based DSSS-CDMA system for underwater acoustic channel 2020-04
A method for improving the crack resistance of aluminum alloy aircraft skin inspired by plant leaf 2020-04
Pedestrian evacuation within limited-space buildings based on different exit design schemes 2020-04
Thermal discharge influences the bioaccumulation and bioavailability of metals in oysters: Implications of ocean warming 2020-04
Metalized Alkanedithiol Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAM) on Au Surfaces by an In Situ Autocatalytic Mechanism 2020-04
Structured condition number for multiple right-hand side linear systems with parameterized quasiseparable coefficient matrix 2020-04
Thermoelectric performance of three-terminal quantum dot refrigerators in two configurations 2020-04
Efficient TADF-OLEDs with ultra-soluble Copper(I) halide complexes containing non-symmetrically substituted bidentate phosphine and PPh3 ligands 2020-04